Gopacka Fanny packs

Gopacka imagines a world where everyone has their own fully realized fanny pack. We create colorful, contemporary, and unexpected fanny packs designed to delight the modern lifestyle. Our fanny packs revel in the “un’s”–unorthodox, unconventional and unique, all while striving for universality — to create fun, inventive fanny packs that inspire adventure in the everyday.  

A Fanny Story

David Sandoval started Gopacka because of his love of movies and fanny packs. (Really, this company was born from the love of film and small carrying pouches affectionately known as fanny packs). Untethered by social norms, Dave flaunted his fanny pack while rollerblading around as a film student at University of California at Santa Barbara in the early aughts. He was trying to be cool, or hoping maybe to be so uncool that he was cool, or something to that effect (jury is still out on that one). To Dave, the fanny pack has always been the superior carrying vessel, and his primary companion to movie watching.     But forever, the fanny pack hasn’t gotten a fair shake. Especially when compared to fanny pack’s relatives–purses, backpacks, suitcases and duffle bags. The fanny pack has consistently underperformed–despite its perfect size, style and function. Even worse, the fanny pack has carried an association with tourists and “dad” style. At Gopacka, we are here to give the fanny pack the love and respect it deserves, and to share that love with everybody. We design fanny packs for everyone (including socks-with-sandals- kind-of-dads). Our hope is to bring next level design and inspiration to fanny packs and to create fanny packs for all.   Gopacka’s Original Canny Pack was created to solve a simple yet universal problem–how to effectively sneak a cold beverage into a movie theater. Gopacka founder, Dave Sandoval, found the fanny pack to be the perfect vessel for this task. Nobody ever thinks you are going to sneak beer in a fanny pack! After a decade of drinking lukewarm beer from his non-insulated fanny pack, Dave was inspired to create Gopacka’s flagship product, The Original Canny Pack.Please note, that despite its title, and its origin story , Gopacka’s Original Canny Pack, can be used for many experiences beyond sneaking beers into movie theaters… Please do not sneak beers into movie theaters–the management 🙂 .