This Insulated Fanny Pack Will Save You Lots of Money on Fountain Drinks!

Tired of paying too much for fountain drinks when you're out walking or cycling? This well priced fanny pack will save you lot$ of money! The illustrations show the bag slung over the shoulder, but, let's be honest, it's a fanny pack! You might not look cool, but you'll be glad that you brought along cold drinks you bought for a lot less at the supermarket when you stop for a break on a long, hot Summer day! This fanny pack is easy to adjust, easy to snap on, and easily holds 2-3 soda cans and a few small snacks. The included ice pack keeps everything nice and cool for a good while, helped along by the insulated liner. I wear it in the front, and barely notice it's on. (Note: Mine arrived without the ice pack, but when I contacted the vendor, he explained that there has been a packing problem with Amazon and quickly shipped not just 1 but 2(!) replacements, along with a sincere apology. Now that's good service!)




This pack keeps your hands free while keeping your drinks cold!

I absolutely love this new fanny back because it holds and keeps 3 cans of Diet Coke cold for me and my family while walking around Disneyland all day. I especially like how it has an extra large pocket the holds my cell phone and keys. The pack also came in handy when we went on a mini camping trip for Veterans Day. It kept my beverages cool during hikes. It is also very comfortable during long walks and seems to be very durable.




The next level Fanny pack

The next level fanny pack
To be honest, I never knew that such a thing existed--an insulated fanny pack. I bought this because i thought it was funny, but quickly realized that this is a great little fanny pack that really is next level. This little ingenious pack is perfect for carrying food and beverages during hikes, walks, etc. On top of that, it is very comfortable with a little elastic pocket that I can easily access my cell phone. I really really like how durable and well made this is--and how perfectly it fits 3 cans. If you are into fanny packs--I highly recommend this item.